VIBE-N is an affiliate website that offers everything you need in the world of music. Whether its an instrument you’ve always wanted to learn or concert tickets to that one band you haven’t seen, we got it all and within a click.¬†


VIBE-N was launched early in 2018 and was created by Troy Timpano, a young entrepreneur who spent most of his life growing up in Hockey. Through his experience playing for 14 years (5 semi-professional) he indulged in music on his off-time learning many 

Troy Timpano (Creator of VIBE-N)

instruments as well as looking at ways to better and help the music world. Troy has always had a strong desire for business alongside of his Hockey career as well as helping others in any way possible. This brought Troy to start brainstorming a more efficient way of connecting you to your musical needs in one place all within a couple clicks known as, VIBE-N.

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